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2024 Interior Trends...

Bold Colours

Well, I would say that wouldn’t I? If you’ve read any of my previous blogs & are aware of my preferred aesthetic this will come as no surprise! But rather than this just being MY thing, it does appear that more dramatic shades are going to be big this year.

I’m seeing (& loving) a lot of darker hues with deliciously rich undertones; midnight blues, forest greens & burgundy. These striking shades work beautifully set against lighter furniture, think greys & taupes & also give stunning contrast to paler woods such as maple, white oak & limewashed finishes.

Check out the incredible range from The above image shows "Palace Ink" - they have THE best names for their shades too...#mynewfavepaintcompany

This particular colour trend however still gives room for manoeuvre within the bold bracket - going bold doesn’t just mean opting for the most stand out garish yellow or the Miss Scarletest of reds. Bold interior colours can also be muted & soft - think warming, soothing & enveloping terracotta or a luxurious opulent & rich aubergine.

Additionally, pairing shades that may traditionally have been seen as “too much” for interiors will also be a bold colour move in 2024. Soft Peach & sage green is a beautiful example & a long term favourite of mine; bubblegum pink & fire engine red will be seen even more this year I’m sure of it. Interior trends often follow what’s seen in the fashion world & there’s a lot of these bold pairings around such as this beauty below from the Fendi Fall Winter 2023-2024 Collection (image courtesy of

Heirlooms & Antiques

Sustainability in interior design continues to be a dominant trend this year & one of my favourite aspects of this is the resurgence of incorporating antiques & family heirlooms in to your home.

One of my tag lines that sums up the ethos of Little Bold Design is “Every room in your home should make you smile” & a sure fire way to achieve this is by incorporating pieces that evoke special memories for you & your family. Pieces of furniture, trinkets, artwork, that special embroidered cushions things that are passed down through generations, things that remind you of your childhood guarantee to bring a subtle element of joy every time you see them.

It’s also a very cool vibe to put the old & the new together & when done correctly, it creates a truly one of a kind scene - electric blue velvet dining chairs around a gleaming French polished mahogany Georgian table, Hollywood regency style gilt coffee tables next to a sleek Uber modern sofa for example!

Curating your interiors in this way will really give your home an edge & a high end, design led feel.

Statement hallways & Stairwells

Now, you don’t have to have a sweeping staircase or a double height ceiling chequerboard tiled entrance hall to make the most of this trend.

For a lot of houses, hallways & stairs are the first thing we see when we come  home & that’s also true for visitors. So, why not make a statement with these areas & showcase who you are from the outset!?

A bold & beautiful trend that is popping up a lot is choosing a vibrant shade for the paintwork in these areas & I’m talking about both walls & woodwork & yes…wait for it…using the same colour on both!


There is also a resurgence for highly patterned carpets through hallways & stairs. They’re not for the faint hearted that’s for sure but we’re definitely seeing a move away from plain & neutral. A compromise would be a statement runner, geometric designs work really well in hallways & on staircases…creating an illusion of a more lengthy space so don’t be scared if trying these, even if your hallways are small.

Wallpaper murals are also a fantastic way to enhance hallways & stairwell walls. Jungle scenes, cloud formations, monochromatic swirls, 3D textured effects, there’s literally so much available now to suit any theme, colour scheme or style of property - check out these guys below for some incredible designs.

Additionally, a well thought out hallway will leave a lasting memory on all those who visit your home, so I’d even go as far as to suggest it’s a positive move (pardon the pun) if you’re thinking of selling your home in the future!

Kate x

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